Hilo it was 4:00 am a few days ago when look up
into my collection and then i saw this game,
and decide to kick the prot out of her (LMAO).
Murder in space is an infogrames/atari game
(c) 1990.

This game is not in the tosec nor in caps.
It’s a 2 disks normal aDOS game protected with
a little routine that just wait to be blasted.
start with the following config :
2)amiga 500 with MKIII activated plus 1 mb
3)an ex editor like DEKSID or HDD HEX EDITOR
on your PC as it’s far quicker !!! Just edit the adf
and search the string to change.

Ok, stop the blabla and let’s go.
Boot murder disk one, everything ok, choose
the language you want, as it’s multi-languages.
Insert disk 2 when prompted, and what ? you’re on a novella-like shitty
Protection as seen in the picture below?:

Let see what?s going on inside the memory. Pfouuutt MKIII activated !!!

You see the adress C0EC4A ? here?s the first instruction that tell us the
computer want
Something to be equal (BEQ). Now we type anything on protection test and press return.
It fails. Now activate the MKIII again, the instruction has changed, and you can
That you are on the beginning of the routine !!!
Now go check on adress C06A5E -> ohhhh here?s the little mommy bastard
!!!! (-?: ^_^ :?-)
It?s a TST.W D0 !!!!!

If the protection fails the program fills register D0 with something else than
0 (FFFFF something) and you?re stuck !!!!
We have found the right adress so type mC06A5E to pick up the hex value to
Change and make it permanent -> 4A 40 66 26 39 7C 00 01 80

Now we?re going to WIRE the value 0 in D0 to bypass at any cost the novella,
here we go :
Type a C06A5E MOVE #0,D0 and type return.

Now type mC06A5E and pick the modified values -> 30 3C 00 00 39 7C 00 01 80
Exit MKIII and see by yourself by typing return with nothing enter on your keyboard.
Haaaa !!!! It feels good to see that the game has begun !!!!
But know we have to make it permanent.
The protection is on disc 1 (i?ve checked it) and now search for the value
stated higher
In the text and replace it by the modified one. Save on hdd hex editor and exit.

Load back murder on Winuae, it definitely works !!!!!
This little crack is dedicated to Rob and Alpha one for both their help and as crack-mates
Cheers guy !!!!
Want to test on images ? ask them to me by email.

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