Jim Power in Mutant Planet (1992) Loriciel

Possibly the Fastest Crack EVER!!!
what you will need
1. original game (find here)
2. an amiga or an amiga emulator (winuae)
3. an action replay cartridge or ar3 rom image for use with winuae
once u have all these set up we shall begin
our first task is to see what type of protection this game has so boot the orignal
up and play for a while ,notice anything pop up saying goto manual page XX line
Xx ect….? no? ok cool then i presume the protection is disc based so boot
up your copy of X-COPY (what u mean u dont have it ,dont lie
everyone had a copy of this)
and lets make a backup of the original disc ,now what this does is well make
a backup for us to use (if its possible) and also tells us what type of disc
protection is on the game so you start to make a copy and well no erros but
if you take a close look at the last tracks there is 1 error but xcopy fixes
it ok so boot up your copy and see what happens ,you will notice some purple
flashing this is prob decruncing something hmm but then this happens

this is not good so lets take a look at the bootsector fire up action replay
and type
RT 0 01 050000 ; this will read track 0 into memory 050000
now type
D 5000C ;this will dissasemble the bootcode

ah so this tells us somethign is loaded into address point 070000 good take
note of this so lets see what is loaded at 070000
D 70000 and scroll down

this looks like a Decrunch routine to me meaning it is depacking data somewere
else and i think i know where see that address higlighted 05FC74
i think it is depacking there scroll down some more and you will notice a JMP
to thta same address

hmm ok so lets take a look at this address type
N 5FC74

hahah we have a msg from the games coder have a read ,hmm i think he is right
about the protection dissasemble that addres type
D 5FC74

BSR i think is going to the protection check and once its done it JMP’s to 60000
lets try it out execute that address
G 060000

the game loads heheheh oh dear me this cant be that easy can it? i think it
is hehehe so hmm all we have to do now is find the crunched data on the disc
and tell it to JMP to 60000 insted of 5FA74 so do a complete reset and fire
up action replay and type RT 90 10 50000 ; this will read from the end part
of the disc we know its here because i have a track counter on my drive (winuae
also) now search for that address type
FA 5FC74 50000 ;look for the address 5fc74 starting from address 50000

we have 2 but we only want to change the JMP so type
A 5E094 ;assemble address 5C094
then type
JMP 60000 ;hit enter twice
thats it now write back to disc
WT 90 10 50000

ok so reboot and give it a try

hehehehe it works eh? do you see the awesome title logo?

i guess the coder was right pretty lame protection but give it a good playtest
to make sure ,i did and havent had any problems so far



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20 years ago

the coder confess the lame protection… but not for the game : awesome


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