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8 years ago

I d/l this off a ftp-site once, don’t remember which site it was but at least a pdx-site 🙂

Too bad that I wasn’t involved in GBA. Seems there was a really cool and active scene on this machine which somehow died on Nintendo DS 🙁

8 years ago

This is pretty bad, honestly 😛 Of course the methods are right, but who hooks a routine that obliterates the contents of R1 as soon as it returns by writing to R4?! And that is after saving it on the stack, then POPing it and overwriting it – so why save it in the first place? Also completely ignores the fact that if you can’t write a trainermenu or find the locations/code to patch, then this is of no use to you. If you *can* do that, then hooking the actual options is by far the easiest part of the… Read more »

Reply to  WayneK
8 years ago

also if you want a half decent trainer which includes more advanced stuff (like level skip for example) you should have no problems with the basics. Debugging/searching through the code to find out how and where to trigger a level skip makes this stuff look like a walk in the park.

Reply to  musashi9
8 years ago

Something like that.. at least I did so.. or well just put it at the end of game ROM since there usually was space. Patched the original start of game to jump into my trainer/intro. The intro then moved the trainer options into unused place in RAM. bla bla.. 😉

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