You will need this:
1.Original game-find on
2. An Amiga or WINUAE
3. An Action Replay or catridge ROM

I promised you something LIGHT, ok here it is?.
I am not sure if you can call this a crack at all, well that?s up to you
to decide.
Make a copy of the game, everything seems ok, but when you boot the copy nothing
happens, and after a wile
your computer crashes.

Enter AR and read out bootblock like this; ?RT 0 1 30000?, hit enter.
This will put the bootblock I memory, starting at
address 30000. When done, write this: ?N 30000?, and press enter
a few times.

This seems like a RNC copylock. Hmmm. Boot ORIGINAL game. What?s that,
a moment after boot a
DOS window appear, like this:

This is getting better and better. Reset and insert your COPY of the game. Enter
AR and write: ?install?, hit enter,
answer ?y? to question and hit enter. This will install the bootblock,
wit a DOS bootblock.
See pic below:

Reset and see what happens. The game is starting. For this ?crack?
you don?t need a AR, use your favourite
viruschecker to install bootblock with.

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