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Postmortem - X Blades

Another one from Alpha One


How to manually unpack windows exes

Alpha one provides us with a cool tutorial on how to unpack windows executable files so you an take a peek inside


Hoodlum - Pariah

Hoodlum version


Deviance - Fable Lost Chapters

Another special thanks to Alpha One for letting me peek at the original source :D


Deviance - Blood Rayne 2

A special thanks to Alpha One for letting me peek at the original source :D


Alpha Flight - Mystic Towers


Class - Lost Vikings 2


Hybrid - Disc World 2

This was the first PC cracktro I ever saw

RIP Sir Terry Pratchett


Dytec - Street Fighter 2 Turbo


TRSI & The Dream Team - Speedball II


TRSI & The Dream Team - 4d Sports Driving


Razor 1911 - Conan the Cimmerian


Kryn - Across the Rhine


Pirates - Roulette


Ram Jam - Sturm Truppen


Ram Jam - Holiday Lemmings


Powerslaves - Space Invaders II


Powerslaves - Mister Tengus Adventure


Tristar - 3d Pool


Energy - Barbarian II


Eclipse - Classic Invaders


The Company - Decouvrer Les Formes


Alphalats - Campaign Datadisk


Alpha Flight - Pong


Alpha Flight - Tilt


Spreadpoint - Hotel Fonts

If you only get a Black Screen, move your mouse over the black part and it should start. Not sure why :P


Immortal - Ghosts n Goblins


Immortal - SuperBase


Supplex - Enchanter


Agents - Superman


Public Enemy #1 - 4x4 Off Road Racing


Tristar - Demo 3

35k of text :O


The Knight Hawks - Mordillo

This one is for the lazy one ;)


Fantasy - Elite


The Knight Hawks - Retrun to Atlantis