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2015-01-06 10:47 Cracking & Protections Dungeon Master copy... (3)
2014-12-06 15:28 Music Deliplayer 2 + Windows 8.1 (4)
2014-11-23 23:57 Scene Unit A and Paranoimia (50)
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Axis . Cascade

Goodbye Axis you have been a big part of flashtro over the years and you will be missed a lot. This site will not be the same without you and your great scene comments and requests.


Flashtro - Cracktro

The intro making machine that is Alpha One strikes again...
Time to up your game MR Spiv :P


Flashtro - Cracktro

Amiga Source code
A special thanks to Alpha One for this one!


Flashtro - Xmas

Just when you thought it was safe, Santa Claus Alpha One empties his massive sack all over you
. Now you will have a white xmas!!


Scoopex - Eliminator

2014 is not ready to roll over and die just yet


Bamiga Sector One - Arkanoid

Lord Blitter wants to wish you all too :D


Skid Row - Xmas

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Lets hope for more Amiga releases in 2015 !!!!!!!!!!!!


Lightforce - Operation Wolf


Megaforce - Street Fighter


The Accumulators & The Softkiller Crew - Voyager


World of Wonders - Shogun

The cracker forgot to incbin the font (lost forever???) so I had to improvise. see note in the first comment for more info.


Abakus - Synchro Express

Try your right mouse button


Tartan Army The Supply Team Kefrens - Superleague Soccer

och aye the noo


Quartex - Hatrack II


Quartex - Italy Soccer

Cursor keys = Joystick


Haujobb - Lamborghini


Haujobb - Trainer Menu

Haujobb.... what now?


Telstar - Paperboy

Try moving your mouse


Trilogy - Emanuelle


Horizon - New Stuff


Triangle - Super Frog


Double Density Crew - Gunship


Tarkus Team - California Challenge


Endless Piracy - Eagles Rider


Endless Piracy - UMS II


Endless Piracy - Run Boy


Endless Piracy - Flying Eagles


Scoopex - Walker


Trilogy - Paris Dakar 1990


Trilogy - Galaxy 89


Australian Crackers United - Bad Company


Oracle - Inter Sound


Cyrus - Speccy Emu

Some festive fun for all


Skillion - Ashes of Empire


Supreme - Geometrie


Energy - CyberBlast


Wanted Team - Fast Brain

2014 has been a good year for Amiga releases :D lets hope 2015 can be even better
Grab the dms from http://wt.exotica.org.uk


Classic - Spedball II

Another version with a slightly different logo and a completely different tune


Classic & Razor 1911 - Over Lord

I thought this one was already on here but I guess not


MegaForce - New Stuff

This nice little intro just popped up on kestra so I had to add it


TRSI - Trainer Menu SOURCE

Amiga Source code
If you have any old Amiga source code, please send it to me so we can archive it before the dust of time eats at the disk.


TRSI - Action Cat


Delight - Star Dust


Delight - Death or Glory


Delight - Manic Minor


Delight - Microbes


Delight - Elf Mania


Paradox - Ishido


Skid Row - Amega Race


Skid Row - Cracktro


Skid Row - Cracktro


Skid Row - Cracktro


Skid Row - Fractions


Tarkus Team - Spirit of Adventure

228 options a world record on the Amiga?


Flashtro - Cracktro by Phantasm

Live version Thanks once again to Phantasm
I always thought his great tune was a couple of mins long but it goes on and on