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Dual Crew & Shining - Pooh and Tigger


Zombie Boy - IK Plus

This one is for MacGyver

Do not worry WackO The Prodigy update is coming :D


Capital - Space Station


Dual Crew & Shining - Shantae

Was this really the last GBC trainer ever?


Eurasia - Commander Keen


Quartex - Denki Blocks


Napalm - Spiderman




Game Boy Colour - Intro Collection

This time I had to use a HTML5 emulator by Grant Galitz as the flash emulator has jerky sound Someone needs to make more GBC packs hint hint cough cough

Anthrox Intro Collection

Thanks to NEXBOX for their SNES emulator.
If anyone has some decent C/C++ knowledge and would like to port over the great Amiga emulator UAE over to FLASH for flashtro using ADOBE CROSSBRIDGE  that would be awesome as
I have a lot of unseen cracktros that are a bit too complex for me to do in flash.

I know one already exists but the maker would like to keep it to himself  :(


Bad Trip - Action Stations


Vision Factory - Hunter Killer


Oracle - Grand National


Possessed - VIZ



Oracle - Wild Streets


Prodigy - Cracktro


Scoopex - Where Time Stood Still

Read more about it here


Double Dragon 2

Well this one is well worth the read. It was exhausting reading about ALL the encrypted parts, so imagine all the time and effort put into writing this beauty.

Thanks Phantasm for another great tutorial


Angels - B.A.T

I have never seen this one before