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Bad Trip - Action Stations


Vision Factory - Hunter Killer


Oracle - Grand National


Possessed - VIZ



Oracle - Wild Streets


Prodigy - Cracktro


Scoopex - Where Time Stood Still

Read more about it here


Double Dragon 2

Well this one is well worth the read. It was exhausting reading about ALL the encrypted parts, so imagine all the time and effort put into writing this beauty.

Thanks Phantasm for another great tutorial


Angels - B.A.T

I have never seen this one before




Cave - A 10 Tank Killer


Capital Intro Source Code

Thanks to WayneK for providing us with one of his Game-Boy-Colour source codes he managed to retrieve from one of his old backup cds.
Please please please, preserve your stuff now before it is lost forever!!!!

If you ask him nicely he may give you more :D


Shadow of the Beast

What another nice treat for you all from Phantasm. This time he brings you the classic game Shadow of the Beast  This one has MFM  Long Tracks and Checksums. And also he shows you how to rip files from NON-DOS disks and turn them into loadable DOS-FILES........ ENJOY!!


Dual Crew and Shining - Trouballs


Venom 2014 - Airaki

A new intro for 2014 from Venom!!!!
Thanks to Dirtie7 for the file





Well it has been a while since we last had a cracking tutorial. This time Phantasm took out time to bring us a rather nice tutorial for LEMMINGS. This one has it all, MFM , Copylock , Checksums. ENJOY!!


World of Wonders - Zynaps


HQC & The Champs - Backlash


S.C.A - Karate Kid II


2000AD - Sim City