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2015-05-10 22:32 Scene History & Chronology of... (1)
2015-04-26 15:19 Console New GBC demo (3)
2015-03-30 10:51 Scene Foxy! (aka Dominator) of... (90)
2015-03-29 19:39 Amiga Prodigy Trainer Menu by... (1)
2015-03-29 04:51 Pc Scene unpacking dos cracktros (14)


Crazy Nation - Air Boarder

N64 Trainer menu


Lightforce - Travel Manager

Amiga Cracktro


Paradox - Flying Dragon

N64 Trainer menu
Thanks again to Icarus for this one


Paradox - Bomberman 64

N64 Trainer menu
Thanks to Icarus for this one


DOC - Xmas Intro

For Madj


Vision - Amistec

Brainstorm - Nitro Boost


Brainstorm - Rock and Roll


Anthrox - Nicky Boom II


Dual crew and Shining - Starsky and Hutch


Taipan - Kamikaze


Asgard - True Lies

A game boy trainer!


Taipan - RanX


Classic PLUG 1 Source Code

Please send me your old source code before it gets lost in time forever!!!!


Eurasia - Iridion II


Scoopex - Tecnoball Z

And YET ANOTHER cracktro for 2015 :D


Wanted Team - Sunny Shine

Another cracktro for 2015!!!
Download from http://wt.exotica.org.uk/


Rising Sun - Heidi



Quartex - Invader


Eurasia - Batman


Scoopex - Crash Landing


Mode 7 - Grand Theft Auto


Lightforce - Flushed Away


Rising Sun - Boktai 2


Unpacking KKruchy

BOOT provides us with a new tutorial. This time how to unpack exe files that have been packed with KKruchy