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The Bass

For Macgyver


Invisible Crime - Speedball

This one is for Lordee


TRSI & Zenith - Heimdall 2

This one is for 2pac/Zenith


Anthrox - Naughty ones

We can now add ATX to the list of groups that have used this trainer menu


The Band - MegaPack


The Band - Excellence


The Band - Compilation

This one is for Gonthar/The Band


LSD - Archer Macleans Pool


Eclipse - Magic Marbles

This one is for Plagueis


Angels - Kind Words


Bronx - Presenter 500


Paradox - Italy 90



Pseudo ops - Zool

I am still looking for any Pseudo-ops game disk packs, if you have any pls send to me :D


Cave - King of the Barbarians

Not to worry, the text is supposed to scroll slowly on this one


Mystic - Firma

A flash/SAE test - if you have no image you may need to update your browsers to the latest versions


Dual Crew & Shining - Pooh and Tigger


Zombie Boy - IK Plus

This one is for MacGyver

Do not worry WackO The Prodigy update is coming :D


Capital - Space Station


Dual Crew & Shining - Shantae

Was this really the last GBC trainer ever?


Eurasia - Commander Keen


Quartex - Denki Blocks


Napalm - Spiderman




Game Boy Colour - Intro Collection

This time I had to use a HTML5 emulator by Grant Galitz as the flash emulator has jerky sound Someone needs to make more GBC packs hint hint cough cough

Anthrox Intro Collection

Thanks to NEXBOX for their SNES emulator.
If anyone has some decent C/C++ knowledge and would like to port over the great Amiga emulator UAE over to FLASH for flashtro using ADOBE CROSSBRIDGE  that would be awesome as
I have a lot of unseen cracktros that are a bit too complex for me to do in flash.

I know one already exists but the maker would like to keep it to himself  :(